Barnsley Chess Club Championship 2022

Barnsley Chess Club Championship 2022


The 2022 Barnsley Chess Club Championship is being run by Gary Hinchcliffe.
You can email Gary on

The 2022 Barnsley Chess Club Championship is a five round swiss competition.
The Championship takes place between April and August.

The dates given in the timetable below have been kept clear so club championship games can be played at the club on these club nights.  

We recommend that white contacts black in each pairing to arrange a date to play their game on or before the deadline for each round.

The winner of each game should contact Gary of the result. If the game is drawn the player of the white pieces should contact Gary.

Time Limit

The time limit is all moves in 75 minutes per player, per game.


All games must be played by the following dates or at the discretion of the organiser.

Round 1 – 26 April 2022
Round 2 – 24 May 2022
Round 3 – 21 June 2022
Round 4 – 09 August 2022
Round 5 – 30 August 2022

Club Championship - Crosstable

1Ken Hunterw6+b4+w2-b8+w3-3
2Richard Desmedtb7+w5=b1+b3=w4+4
3Richard Hallw8+b6+b5=w2=b1+4
4Tony Perryb9+w1-b7+w5+b2-3
5John Stevensbyeb2=w3=b4-w7+3
6Gerald Thickettb1-w3-byew7-w8+2
7Shane Williamsw2-b8+w4-b6+b5-2
8Peter Gilesb3-w7-b9+w1-b6-1
9Carlo Dellapuppaw4-byew8-------1

Club Championship - Round 5

Games to be played on/by 30th August
Ken Hunter0-1Richard Hall
Richard Desmedt1-0Tony Perry
John Stevens1-0Shane Williams
Gerald Thickett1-0Peter Giles (default)

Club Championship - Round 4

Games to be played on/by 9th August
Richard Hall½-½Richard Desmedt
Tony Perry1-0John Stevens
Peter Giles0-1Ken Hunter
Gerald Thickett0-1Shane Williams

Club Championship - Round 3

Games to be played on/by 21st June
Ken Hunter0-1Richard Desmedt
John Stevens½-½Richard Hall
Shane Williams0-1Tony Perry
Carlo Dellapuppa (default)0-1Peter Giles
Gerald Thickett1-0Bye

Club Championship - Round 2

Games to be played on/by 24th May
Tony Perry0-1Ken Hunter
Richard Desmedt½-½John Stevens
Gerald Thickett0-1Richard Hall
Peter Giles0-1Shane Williams
Carlo Dellapuppa1-0Bye

Club Championship - Round 1

Games to be played on/by 26th April
Ken Hunter1-0Gerald Thickett
Shane Williams0-1Richard Desmedt
Richard Hall1-0Peter Giles
Carlo Dellapuppa0-1Tony Perry
John Stevens1-0Bye