Barnsley Chess Club Championship 2024

Barnsley Chess Club Championship 2024


The 2024 Barnsley Chess Club Championship is being run by Gary Hinchcliffe.

The 2024 Barnsley Chess Club Championship is a five round swiss competition.

The Championship takes place between June and September.

There is no fee and no prizes.

To enter the club championship or send in results you can email Gary on [email protected] or contact him on whatsapp.

The closing date for all entries is Friday 17th May 2024. 

The dates given in the timetable below have been kept clear so club championship games can preferably be played at the club on these club nights.


All games must be played on or by the following dates.

There will be no extensions to any rounds.

Round 1 – 21 May 2024
Round 2 – 25 June 2024
Round 3 – 30 July 2024
Round 4 – 27 August 2024
Round 5 – 24  September 2024

Time Limit

The time limit is all moves in 75 minutes per player, per game.

Game Results

We recommend that white contacts black in each pairing to arrange a date to play their game on or before the deadline for each round.

The winner of each game should contact Gary of the result. If the game is drawn the player of the white pieces should contact Gary.

All game results must be given at the latest by the Friday of the round completion date.

If no result is given after two days of the round completion date then that game will be double defaulted (0-0).

Half Point Bye

Any player can request a half point bye. This must be requested before the start of the round you need the bye.

Club Championship - Crosstable

01Greg Eagletonw08+b09+2
02Andrew Butterworthb12+w14+2
03Martin Sheardw10=b08+1.5
04Ken Hunterb11+w07+2
05Richard Desmedtw13+b10-1
06Richard Hallb14-w12+1
07Tony Perryw15+b04-1
08Rob Vincentb01-w03-0
09Chris Baileybye=w010.5
10Ben Nunnsb03=w05+1.5
11Matthew Nunnsw04-b15=0.5
12Tom Edwardsw02-b06-0
13Aaron Krejib05-w16+1
14Konstantin Rybalchenkow06+b02-1
15Keith Gilkesb07-w12=0.5
16Dugald Wyliebye=b13-0.5

Club Championship - Round 1

Greg Eagleton1-0Rob Vincent
Tom Edwards0-1Andrew Butterworth
Martin Sheard½-½Ben Nunns
Matthew Nunns0-1Ken Hunter
Richard Desmedt1-0Aaron Kreji
Konstantin Rybalcenko1-0 Richard Hall
Tony Perry1-0Keith Gilkes
Chris Baileybye ½
Dugald Wyliebye ½
Games to be played on/by 21 May

Club Championship – Round 2

Andrew Butterworth1-0Konstantin Rybalcenko
Ken Hunter1-0Tony Perry
Chris Bailey0-1Greg Eagleton
Ben Nunns1-0Richard Desmedt
Rob Vincent0-1Martin Sheard
Aaron Kreji1-0Dugald Wylie
Richard Hall1-0Tom Edwards
Keith Gilkes½-½Matthew Nunns
Games to be played on/by 25 June

Club Championship – Round 3

Greg Eagleton0-0Andrew Butterworth
Martin Sheard0-0Ken Hunter
Konstantin Rybalcenko0-0Ben Nunns
Richard Desmedt0-0Richard Hall
Tony Perry0-0Aaron Kreji
Dugald Wylie0-0Keith Gilkes
Matthew Nunns0-0Chris Bailey
Tom Edwards0-0Rob Vincent
Games to be played on/by 30 July