Barnsley Chess Club Online

Since over the board chess has resumed Barnsley Chess Club no longer plays in any online team events. 


For team fixtures, match cards and league position information go to the Teams page.

Previously we competed in online team events run by the Sheffield District Chess Association.


Currently some Barnsley players use Lichess to play online where we also have a Barnsley Team Page  


Other Barnsley players also compete in individual competitions with Rotherham Online Chess.




Lichess is a free chess server powered by volunteers and donations

Anyone can play anonymously, although players may register an account on the site to play rated games.

Lichess is ad-free and all the features are available for free, as the site is funded by donations from patrons.

Today, Lichess users play more than a million games every day. Lichess is one of the most popular chess websites in the world while remaining 100% free.

Playing a chess game is far from the only thing you can do on Lichess. After finishing a game, you can request computer analysis using the latest chess engines and learn from your mistakes or compare your game against a massive database of chess masters’ games.

You can watch top players and even GMs battle it out and discuss the game with your friends;

Players wishing to improve can hire a coach and use real-time collaborative “studies” to share games, positions, annotated variations and chat.

Join the Barnsley Lichess Page

Barnsley Chess Club has its own private Barnsley Lichess Team Page

Private online chess for Barnsley chess club members
and players who play in the local chess leagues in South Yorkshire.

Press the “JOIN TEAM” button to verify your lichess account so you can become a member of the Barnsley team.

Please enter your real name and grade in the message box so your application can be accepted by the team leader.

Benefits of Joining the team include battle matches against other teams, team tournaments, swiss tournaments, individual Challenges between team members, a Barnsley forum and a Barnsley team chat room.

To join the Barnsley Lichess Team Page

Signup to Lichess

Login to Lichess

Then join Barnsley Lichess Team Page

Rotherham Online Chess

Rotherham Online Chess runs individual chess tournaments using blitz, rapid and classical online time limits.

Entry is free so there are no prizes.

They have a friendly community mainly based around South Yorkshire players provided by the slack interface

Players can communicate together using chanels or by sending private direct messages to each other

Slack uses Lichess to play their chess tournaments.

Use the hyperlink above to find out more