Barnsley Chess Club Teams

Barnsley Chess Club runs both over the board and online teams.

The team information is taken from the ECF League Management System.

Simply click the links for that team to show the team fixtures, league table and player stats in a new tab.

If you click on the match result you will find a match card.

If an online match clicking on the tv icon will show the players current game if live or that players last game. 

Barnsley Chess Club Teams 2021/2022

Team NameFixturesLeague TableStats
All Doncaster fixturesFixtures
Doncaster LeagueFixturesTableStats
Doncaster Bell TrophyFixturesTableStats
Doncaster Player Stats for 2021/2022Stats
Sheffield Summer League - Division 2FixturesTableStats
Sheffield Teams Online Season 1FixturesTableStats
Sheffield Teams Online Season 2 - Division 1FixturesTableStats
Sheffield Teams Online Season 3 - Division 1FixturesTableStats