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DateEventHome TeamResultAway Team
Tue-03-May-2022Sheffield Summer Division 2Barnsley1½-2½Nomads B
Tue-17-May-2022Sheffield Summer Division 2Barnsley1-3Sheffield University A
Mon-30-May-2022Sheffield Summer Division 2Worksop0-0Barnsley

Barnsley Chess Club returns to over the board chess

We have been informed by Locke Park WMC that we can return to the premises and have our downstairs room on Tuesdays.

At a meeting on the 10th of August members decided that 

  • Members are encouraged to wear masks.
  • The default position is that both members wear a mask to play a game unless both players agree otherwise.
  • Members to use the hand sanitiser and wipes available.
  • Members to use the whole room so that the boards are socially distanced.

It is possible therefore that a member could be mask free throughout the club night provided s/he plays chess against other club members who also agree to play games without a mask.

No indoor situation is totally risk free, but we hope these measures will mitigate the risk.

You are obviously responsible for your own safety but we would just like to point out that you are also responsible for contributing to the safety of others in the room, especially while infection rates in Barnsley remain very high. 

We hope that these arrangements are sufficient for you to return to club nights.

We are interested to hear your views and comments if you are happy / unhappy with these measures.

On the 9th August 2021 Lock Parke WMC was medically deep cleaned, a process which will continue each month until it is deemed to be no longer neccessary.  

Doncaster League

The Doncaster League season ended on the 13th April 2022.

It resumed over the board chess with a reduced set of fixtures involving the Doncaster League and Bell Trophy events last October.

Three Horseshoes won both the Doncaster League and Bell Trophy competitions in a dominating fashion. Congratulations to them.

Barnsley won both their two final fixtures to become runners up in both events.

Click to see Doncaster Fixtures in a new tab 

Fixtures, stats and league tables can be viewed on the Teams page.

Sheffield League

The Sheffield League held an online executive meeting on Thursday 27th January which decided on a return to over the board chess.    

This over the board Summer League started in March 2022. There are four divisions. Barnsley are in division two along with Hillsborough A, Sheffield Nomads B, Rotherham, Sheffield University A and Worksop. Teams consist of 4-6 boards per match and the games are ECF graded. 

Click to see Sheffield Summer League fixtures  in a new tab 

Fixtures, stats and league tables can be viewed on the Teams page.

Please contact Shane Williams Sheffield team captain if you can play any over the board chess in the Sheffield team since we are desperately short of players.

This league will be a forerunner for a full usual season being started next October. 

Barnsley Chess Club Championship 2022

The 2022 Barnsley Chess Club Championship is underway.

Run by Gary Hinchcliffe the event is a five round swiss competition.

The games take place between April and August and are 75 minutes for all moves per player.

The pairings for round two have been made with the second round to be played by/on Tuesday the 24th May.

You can view the scores and pairings using the link below in a new tab.

Click here to go to the Barnsley Chess Club Championship 2022 page.

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