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DateEventHome TeamResultAway TeamBlog
Mon 5 Feb 24Sheffield League Div 2 Hillsborough B2-4Barnsley Ablog
Mon 5 Feb 24Doncaster LeagueBarnby Dun3-2Barnsleyblog
Tue 6 Feb 24Sheffield League Div 4Barnsley C3-1Ravenfield Ablog
Tue 13 Feb 24Sheffield League Div 4Barnsley C1-3Nomads Dblog
Tue 13 Feb 24Maurice Kent RapidplayBarnsley5-5Donsblog
Thu 15 Feb 24Sheffield Plate FinalBarnsley2½-3½Hillsborough Ablog
Mon 19 Feb 24Sheffield League Div 3SASCA B5½-½Barnsley Bblog
Tue 20 Feb 24Sheffield League Div 2 Barnsley A5-1Worksop Bblog
Wed 21 Feb 24Doncaster LeagueDons1½-3½Barnsleyblog
Mon 26 Feb 24Sheffield League Div 4SASCA C0-0Barnsley C
Tue 27 Feb 24Sheffield League Div 2 Barnsley A0-0Sheffield Nomads B
Thu 29 Feb 24Sheffield League Div 3Sheffield University B0-0Barnsley B

2023-24 Summary

Updated 23 February 2024

Barnsley A – Sheffield Division 2

Out grading their opponents on all boards Barnsley A scored four wins and two draws to secure a 5-1 home victory.

This win keeps Barnsley A on top of the division two table.

Played 9 Won 7 Drawn 1 Lost 1 Points 15

Barnsley B – Sheffield Division 3

With Barnsley B being heavily out graded on most boards SASCA B won five boards to give them a 5.5-0.5 home win.

After nine games Barnsley B are a mid table position in division three.

Played 9 Won 4 Drawn 1 Lost 4 Points 9 

 Barnsley C – Sheffield Division 4

Barnsley C lost 1-3 at home to a Nomads D team who out graded them on all boards.

Barnsley C still remain second in the division four table.

Played 13 Won 10 Drawn 1 Lost 2 Points 21

Barnsley  – Sheffield Richardson Cup

Barnsley drew 3-3 at home to Rotherham in the first round but lost on board count in a tense struggle. This defeat means Barnsley will play in the Sheffield Plate.

Barnsley  – Sheffield Plate


Congratulations to Hillsborough on winning the Sheffield Plate (Sam Haystead Memorial) final. They gained a narrow 2.5-3.5 victory over Barnsley with two wins, one defeat and two draws in a closely contested match where Barnsley were out graded on all boards.

Round 1

Barnsley won 5.5-0.5 at home against Nomads 2 who were out graded in the semi final of the Sheffield Plate. Barnsley now play Hillsbrough A in the final of the Sheffield Plate. 

Barnsley  – Doncaster League  

Three wins and a draw Barnsley gave Barnsley a 1.5-3.5 away win at the Dons. With Barnby Dun losing to Three Horseshoes Barnsley now need a win or a draw in their final fixture to win the Doncaster League.

Played 8 Won 5 Drawn 1 Lost 2 Points 11

Barnsley  – Maurice Kent Rapidplay

Barnsley and Dons shared a 5-5 draw. Both sides gained a 3-2 advantage in the match with black on odd boards! 

Barnby Dun top the table with 7 points with  Barnsley and Dons one point behind.

Played 7 Won 3 Drawn 1 Lost 3 Points 7

Doncaster League

The 2023 Doncaster League AGM voted to have five boards in both the Doncaster League and Bell Trophy this season.

All the teams are only fielding one team this season.

Barnsley is captained by Richard Hall.

Click to see Barnsley Doncaster 2023/24 fixtures in a new tab. 

All fixtures, stats and league tables can be viewed on the Teams page.

Sheffield League

The 2023 Sheffield League AGM voted to reduce the number of boards in the first division from eight boards to six.

Barnsley have entered three teams to play in the Sheffield League 2023/24 season. These teams are playing in divisions two, three and four.

Barnsley A captained by Peter Micklethwaite are playing in division two with eight teams over six boards.

Click to see Barnsley A 2023/24 fixtures in a new tab. 

Barnsley B captained by Rob Vincent are playing in division three with eight teams over six boards. 

Click to see Barnsley B 2023/24 fixtures in a new tab. 

Barnsley C captained by Tom Edwards are playing in division four with eleven teams over four to six boards 

Click to see Barnsley C 2023/24 fixtures in a new tab. 

All fixtures, stats and league tables can be viewed on the Teams page. Note any fixtures may be re-arranged.

Barnsley 2023 Chess Club Championship

The Barnsley 2023 Chess Club Championship has now concluded

In round one all the games had decisive results with white winning 5/6 games. 

After round two we have three joint leaders on 2/2. Andrew Butterworth, Richard Hall and Ken Hunter.

After round three we have the same three joint leaders on 2.5/3. Andrew Butterworth, Richard Hall and Ken Hunter.  These are closely followed by three other contenders Richard Desmedt, Chris Bailey and Rob Vincent on 2/3 . An interesting last two rounds is in prospect. 

After round four we have four joint leaders going into round five. These are Andrew Butterworth, Ken Hunter, Richard Hall and Rob Vincent. A tense final round should ensue. 

In the final round a white win by Andrew Butterworth secured him the winner of the 2023 Barnsley Chess Club Championship with 4/5 points. Joint second on 3.5 points each were Richard Hall, Richard Desmedt and Rob Vincent. 

Many thanks to Gary Hinchcliffe for successfully running the competition.

For more details and the latest pairings, scores and results click the link below.

Click here to go to the Barnsley Chess Club Championship 2023 page.

Barnsley Chess Club Ladder

Entries are still open for the Barnsley Chess Club Ladder. 

The ladder takes place from 1st January 2024 to 1st May 2024

Whoever is on top of the ladder on the 1st May 2024 will be the winner.

The ladder positions were drawn at the club on Tuesday 19 December, any players joining the ladder after this date will be added to the bottom of the ladder.

For more details and the ladder rules 

Click here to go to the Barnsley Chess Club Ladder page. 

Click here for the ladder rules.

Click here for the current standings.

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