game tonight

TUESDAY 23-11-21 As well as social chess, we will have a team competing in the Doncaster league at the club tonight. A 4 board match of 2 – 30 min games each versus Barnby Dun will commence at 7.30 pm. Let’s hope the boys can get that much needed win…………………GOOD LUCK

Sheffield Online Teams Season 3

Barnsley lost their fourth round fixture in Division 1 with 3-1 defeat against Hillsborough A. Hillsborough A drew the top two boards and won the two remaining boards. You can view the match card by clicking the links on the Teams page.

Bell Trophy 09 Nov Barnsley v Dons

Barnsley drew their first Bell Trophy match v Doncaster Dons 4-4. Boards 1 and 3 won both their games (2×30 minutes) for Barnsley whilst boards 2 and 4 won both their games for Dons!

game tonight

Barnsley’s on-line team will taking on Hillsboro tonight in the sheffield on-line league. These games can viewed in real time. The pairings will shortly be visible on the ECF LMS website, simply click on the tv screen at the side of our player’s name(from 7.30pm) and their game will be shown on lichess. You can …

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